The Shaming Poster Image

Creative Team

Cast & Crew of The Shaming

Main Cast
Tess Callie Jane Hacker
Russell Luke Linsteadt
Arden Cassandra Reveles
Alisha Kelley Elizabeth Henry
Drew Michael Quinn Lara
Jarod Kevin Jacaman
Tess's Mom Circe Sturm

Written & Directed by
Jeremy Lee Cudd
Produced by
Jeremy Lee Cudd & Rebecca Walach
First Assistant Director
Rebecca Walach
Assistant Camera
Ian Price, Michael Quinn Lara, Kevin Hippler
Production Audio
Ian Price, Michael Quinn Lara, Kevin Hippler
Music by
Jeremy Lee Cudd

Business School Students
Julie Aya Seidemann
Maria Marian Kansas
Nathan Ian Price
Elisa Rachel Bird
Glenda Nicole Oglesby
Eric Michael Yuhl
Mo Joseph Middleton
Tara Ursula Walker
Michelle Mabel Arzate
Carlos Rocket Thrall
Sindy Lauren Beausoleil
James Will Douglas
Karen Katy Wicker
Anna Natalie Patton
Chrissy Kylie Zeko
Barney Kevin Hippler
Lia Madeleine Ma
Amanda Jordan Maranto
Tina Rebecca Walach
Martin Micah Peoples

Video Clip

A video teaser clip of the opening of The Shaming

Tess and Russell are two business school students competing in a corporate-sponsored contest with a coveted prize grant and internship at stake. After some degrading language and other machinations from Russell compromises Tess’s standing in the contest, she seeks redress for her grievances. Escalation.